and are walking through on the day after Christmas when they see something truly : a horde of armed with has emerged from the outskirts!

"" screamed .

"" replied .

Without much time to think, and quickly arm themselves with whatever they can find - two ! That will have to be enough to stop the before they destroy .

A lot of and later, and prove victorious over the horde of . It was a battle, but their combined power sent the packing back to the outskirts, doomed to plot again to conquer another day.

"Thank you for helping us," says a local, "as a reward, we'd like to give you this." They hand a Christmas gift! opens the box, and inside is a !

"" exclaims .

"" chimes in .

"We are so glad you like it!" says the local while with delight.

With that, and look at each other and vow to themselves to never forget this very crazy day before heading home.