In Mayday, the supernatural is something this Earth never lost its faith in, due in part to how often the incomprehensible makes itself known. The primary strangeness that pervades this world is that some - but not all - people are born with gifts called Mysticisms, and are thusly called Mystics.

It is common belief that these gifts have always existed alongside the human population. It's assumed that they always have been, and that they have no specific genesis point in human history. How they persist in the human population, however, can be observed:

  • Mystic parents are slightly more likely to have Mystic children than average folks. If their children are Mystics, their children are likely to inherit similar Mysticisms to the ones their parents have. Traits from certain Mysticisms are more likely to be passed onto children than others. (More on this below.)
  • Mystics with normal parents may be the beginning of a 'new line'. Mystics of this kind tend to have more surprising Mysticisms than those born to Mystic families, as they have no pre-existing Mystic line to draw from. It's also possible for a Mystic born to normal parents to be drawing on a mysticism line from many, many generations prior - but, well, it can be hard to tell.
  • The population is roughly 15% Mystic. It's a little more common then left-handedness. In early records of human history, it seems they were much rarer, with only a handful of Mystics in any given tribe. However, as society evolved and the population grew, it seems the average occurrence of Mysticisms did as well. This growth has been a common point of study and contention for anthropologists across the centuries.

The general opinion of Mystics is highly dependent on the area. In some places, there is no divide between the two at all. In most, Mystics may be looked up to or down upon depending on their Mysticism. A particularly strong Mystic may be feared, whereas one that offers their abilities up to their neighborhood to help in whatever way they can may be beloved. It depends on the area, and it depends on the individual people.

The exact details of what a Mysticism may be is highly vague, as they are fundamentally unknowable in their entirety. Because of this, a Mystic may never know the true limit of their abilities - only a threshold they refuse to cross. Most tend to have some form of drawback as well. Mysticisms may be praised gifts in some cultures and shunned for their burdens in others.

(In reality, Mysticisms are limited by how much power they possess. An invalid Mysticism would be one that allows a Mystic to kill people with a single stare. A more apt one would be one that freezes them in fear, or makes them feel rather sleepy.)