Hey there!

I'm teller?, but you probably know that. If you don't already know my life story you can read it here.

Below are links to my Original Projects™ and goofs. It's not comprehensive - if you think there's something else hosted on this site but not linked here, reach out and I can get you the link.

EXTRASOLAR If you know, you know. My main project; it's a first contact love story.
  • TOYHOU.SE FOLDER - profiles for some of the major (and minor) characters in this project.
  • LOGS - in-universe transcriptions of security camera footage, essentially. I add to this every so often!
  • LORE - ALIEN SPECIES - in-character documents written by █████ about the different aliens they've met.
MAYDAY (WIP) A collaborative modern fantasy setting! My pals are welcome to make characters using the framework below. (It's a big WIP, though).
  • TOYHOU.SE FOLDER - profiles my characters in this setting. Lore is probably outdated; most of these profiles are also WIPs.
  • MYSTICS - basic starter explanation of how the magic system works in this verse.
  • MYSTIC CATEGORIES - done reading the first one? Sweet! Here's some examples of cool magic powers people have in this verse.
MISCELLANEOUS One-off things I've made when inspiration struck.